How to Get Cheap Broadway Tickets

how to get cheap broadway tickets

Are you looking for ways to find cheap Broadway tickets? There’s a number of options available to you. There are numerous ways to get a discount on Broadway tickets, which includes discounts on Broadway shows and Resale websites. You don’t need to sacrifice your theater experience in order to receive the discount you desire. Continue reading to find out more. When you’ve mastered the techniques of the trade, you’ll be able to score tickets for a fraction of the normal cost.

Discounts offered by Broadway shows

Look into these offers to find a cheap way to see Broadway shows. The average Broadway ticket cost is $125 per week. However, tickets can be purchased for substantially less by taking advantage the various discounts offered by Broadway theaters. There are numerous types of discounted tickets, such as general rushes and rushes for students. It is possible to find performance’s price that is only available in the standing room.

Discounted tickets can be purchased on Wednesdays for matinees to many Broadway productions. Discount tickets can be purchased for between 10% and 50 percent off the regular price. They are also readily accessible. Furthermore, Broadway theaters that offer box seats tend to lower their ticket prices. The seats are generally considered to have partial or blocked views and therefore they sell at a significantly lower price than the normal price. Box seats at a discount are available directly at the box office.

TKTS Booths operated by the city’s Theatre Development Fund are another option for purchasing discounted tickets to Broadway performances. TKTS sells seats for sale at 20 to 50 percent discount. TKTS booths provide discounted tickets and discount tickets. It is also possible to visit a Times Square booth if you are unable to find a ticket at TKTS for an afternoon show. Remember to pay in cash or traveler’s check. The TKTS booth does not accept credit cards. TKTS booth.

There are also discounts at some theatres by purchasing tickets ahead. You could, for instance, get a free ticket for a holiday-themed show. It’s also possible to obtain a discounted ticket last second if you’re flexible enough to stand by for a few days. Playbill offers the most current information on Broadway shows and offers. You can also go to Broadway for Broke People for more information about performances, shows’ schedules and tickets prices.

Resale sites

If you have been waiting for the moment to purchase your Broadway tickets there are options to choose from. You can go to the box office directly. This option is a good option for those looking for great seats. Vivid Seats might hold tickets up until the show begins So keep your eyes open for seats that are appealing to you.

There are many options to buy tickets from websites for resales for Broadway. Many brokers specialize in popular productions and sell them at the higher cost. Some individuals prefer buying their Broadway tickets at their face value from Telecharge and Ticketmaster. However, many don’t know that there are less expensive options to choose from. You can save cash by purchasing tickets through websites that sell resales.

The scalpers and brokers can offer Broadway tickets. Brokers typically adhere to strict guidelines and are associated with the National Association of Ticket Brokers. However ticket scalpers are sellers on the streets who offer tickets that brokers can’t sell. To determine authenticity, you can take a photograph of the tickets. It’s legal to sell Broadway tickets for more than the value of the tickets.

If you’re looking for low-cost tickets Vivid Seats may be a good option. If you’re lucky, you’ll find usually tickets available up until the show. It’s not difficult to buy tickets at the last second. You can purchase tickets to the Broadway show on the internet before the show starts. If you’re willing to be flexible with the time you have, you can pick a show to attend during the time that isn’t peak tourist season.


If you’ve had a desire of seeing the big-name Broadway shows but haven’t been capable of paying for them, you might want to try winning the lottery ticket. Although most theaters offer lotteries online, some require you to go to the theater in order for entry. There are details on the regulations and rules of each show’s lottery as well as details about cheap tickets. The rules and regulations can be restricted to specific groups of people or students, however, they can be used by all.

You can get Broadway tickets cheaply by entering the lotteries. But, you’ll need to wait until day of the performance to get the winning ticket. There may not be enough time to attend the drawing. Additionally, many ticket lotteries require that participants have a government ID to enter. Once you have received the government-issued ID, then you’re eligible to start playing lotteries. You can win a ticket for as little as $30 up to a Broadway production. Ticket places to buy concert tickets prices in lotteries are very low due to producers losing money from processing fees.

Another option to purchase Broadway tickets at a low cost is to participate in an everyday lottery. Many Broadway shows offer the chance to win daily. These shows usually cost $10 for each ticket. There are also digital lotteries for some Broadway productions, which you can sign up for on their sites or download in apps. One example is the “Hamiltonlottery. Lotteries are typically conducted by the company that produces them.

Another way to obtain Broadway tickets that are cheap is to take part in the rush lottery. You can play a virtual lottery and then wait for results. The lottery will take place about two hours prior to the show and, if you are lucky enough, you may have the chance to purchase two tickets. Tickets can be purchased to either two or one seats if you’re willing to stand during show.

Papering services

A subscription to one of these programs will give you access to cheap Broadway tickets to upcoming shows. Producers of Broadway shows will often give away tickets to increase word-of-mouth. There are a variety of choices for papering, such as TheaterMania Gold Club, Audience Extras and Play-by-Play. The tickets are always free, but you’ll need to pay an annual fee and an administrative fee.

Reward programs

Rewards programs let you earn points to purchase Broadway tickets. But it’s important to keep in mind that most Broadway ticket rewards programs do not offer much in the way of dollar value. There is a possibility that you must pay a membership fee to start, and a number of reward programs expire when you haven’t utilized your points in a particular amount of time. But, they’re an attractive option for many theatre enthusiasts.

You can earn points each time you purchase tickets through Broadway by using Audience Rewards. When you purchase a ticket on the internet, all you need to do is enter the reward number. This program also offers preferred seating, so you won’t need to worry about missing the show due to not having accrued enough points. Even shows that you have not yet seen can be rewarded with points! The program comes with an account on credit that lets you earn rewards when you purchase items.

Broadway Direct also offers the possibility of signing up for the lotto show program. By joining the program, you can purchase tickets for half price, or even for free. Some theaters have a section for children. It is possible to get a discount by joining the program and making sure you get a spot at the Broadway production. Remember to make a plan and purchase your tickets in advance It’s much easier to secure good seats than you think.

TDF is yet another method to cut costs on Broadway tickets. You can join for $40 per year. Tickets are offered at special offers days before the show. Off-Broadway performances can be bought for just $11 through OffOff@9’s program. You can also join most major theaters’ member programs. You can receive discounted tickets throughout the year and early access to the shows by joining a membership program.