Where to Sell Concert Tickets

where to sell concert tickets

If you’ve always wanted to experience a certain performer or band live but could not afford the ticket If so, you may decide to sell them through a website. They make selling tickets easy, however, they require some basic information from ticket buyers. After the purchaser has been registered, they’ll have to give their contact information along with the information required to purchase the tickets. This service is highly regarded among concert-goers due to the fact that it makes the whole process simple and quick.


StubHub is an ideal place to start if you are looking to sell concert tickets. This marketplace for tickets online has a massive user base and great security measures to protect your investment. The interface allows you to easily communicate with potential buyers and adjust the prices listed. Also, you won’t have any hassles dealing with the actual buyer!

If you’re hoping to earn profits by selling tickets for concerts, StubHub makes the process simple for you. StubHub allows you to post your listing with the ticket details along with details like delivery. If your ticket listing is sold you will receive payment for the tickets that you advertised. If your tickets don’t sell you are able to edit your listing to earn more profit. After you’ve uploaded your ticket information, you’re set to go!

However, there are some negatives with StubHub. StubHub is a business with a an extensive customer base. However it doesn’t have dedicated customer service. Therefore, the after-sales support is sporadic. A number of customers have reported that StubHub provides no support for customers however this isn’t 100% true. StubHub has had some negative experiences with ticket sales, however, there are numerous positive reviews.

After you’ve created your StubHub account first, you’ll need to sign up to the site. The website will open with a search bar for the event to which you are selling tickets. To begin, type the event name in the search box. After that, click “Sell Tickets”. After that, you’ll be directed to select the type of ticket you’re selling. Select the method you’d prefer to pay for your tickets.


Vivid Seats allows you to purchase tickets for concerts in a quick and easy manner. It’s easy to use and includes the four simple steps that go from the listing of your tickets to the payment. Additionally, it offers a rewards program, which lets you https://sites.google.com/site/legitticketsites/seatgeek-vs-tickpick get eight tickets for free when you purchase seven tickets, and you can get a discount of 5% for repeated shows. You can also earn Super Cash Back from Extrabux when you purchase Vibrant Seats.

The site has been operating since 2001, and it has a long-standing customer support. Customers generally are happy with the purchase. Most customers are happy with their purchases due to reasons such as customer service, price and the variety of tickets. Customers rank VividSeats as the fourth most popular ticket website. You can also sell unwanted tickets via the website which means you’ll never miss a event. There is also a guarantee in the event that your tickets are counterfeit or otherwise re-sold.

VividSeats allows ticket sellers to sell tickets online. Tickets can be posted for sale on the site and receive payments through PayPal. You do not have to fret about shipping costs or any other costs because VividSeats can handle all of the details for you. If you have trouble selling tickets online, just keep in mind that VividSeats takes 10 percent of the sale. This way, you’ll be receiving the best price.

You can also find tickets for theater and sports performances on the site. Tickets for dance and ballet recitals are available on the website. VividSeats has hundreds of events you can choose from which include concerts, theater and comedy. VividSeats is an excellent place to find concert tickets. You’ll be able save money and get rid of the hassle of purchasing tickets to an event that you can’t go to.


TickPick is a marketplace for selling tickets to concerts, has grown into an market leader in online ticketing. Chris O’Brien founded the company in the year 2011. He is an engineer from the computer industry and previously worked for Nuance Communications (a speech recognition technology firm) prior to launching TickPick. The startup allows concert-goers to sell tickets and purchase them at the convenience of their homes . It aims to take the entire experience to a new level.

The company’s patent-pending bidding platform operates in a similar way to the financial market. It allows buyers to engage with multiple is seatgeek reliable for tickets ticket sellers simultaneously. It automatically bargains with hundreds of ticket sellers. It informs the buyers when their bids have been accepted. If necessary, they can bidding again. Concertgoers will get the best price for their tickets with this innovative service. TickPick is renowned for its technological innovation, superior customer service, and their its reputation as the most sought-after destination for live shows.

The secondary ticket market is multi-billion dollar business that manages 100 million transactions annually. Professional sellers have a distinct advantage, with approximately 50 percent of all tickets sold on the secondary market being purchased by professionals. TickPick has addressed this issue by developing a proprietary algorithm, called “Best Deal Ranking System,” which ranks tickets according to the “best-deal” based on the price. The users can then search for all available seats to choose based on the price that is the best value.

TickPick is also working to make their mobile apps more user-friendly. They’ve released a brand new application for iOS and Android devices based on the React Native technology, a JavaScript code library developed by Facebook. The new app streamlines the selling and buying process and gives TickPick a single code base. The app, which is available to download today is a much smoother Apple Pay experience, which is responsible for about 20 percent of sales.

Live Nation

Fans of concerts are spending more on tickets than they have ever before, and Live Nation is no exception. Revenues are up 90% year-over-year and revenue increased $1.8 billion in the first quarter compared to $290 million in the same time period the previous year. Live Nation is planning a limited concert schedule in the early months of 2019, but it expects demand to grow later in the year. Live Nation is expanding its budget for live entertainment and is planning to host more than 60 concerts in 2023.

Ticket sales for the new year will feature a wide range of artists from across the globe. The deal includes artists like Machine Gun Kelly (The Backstreet Boys), Halsey (Wiz Khalsey), and Machine Gun Kelly (The Machine Gun Kelly). Joan Jett, Styx and Jason Aldean are just a couple of the other acts that will be performing in Syracuse this summer. The company recently announced a brand new lineup that includes other artists. The company is also planning an event in honor of the anniversary of Mariah Carey’s birth.

In addition to selling tickets for big-name performers, Live Nation also has affordable concert tickets. Tickets start at $25 which includes taxes and fees. You have the option of choosing from more than 3700 concerts across North America during this promotion. Even if you do not have the money to buy tickets, tickets for local shows are available for only $25. Live Nation might earn affiliate commissions when you buy tickets through their website. But, there’s one caveat as the concerts are frequently sold out.


Shift4Shop is an effective eCommerce solution that’s built to cater to the ticket-selling business. It offers hundreds of marketing tools, which include social media integration. It also facilitates online payment processing via 160+ payment options. The system for managing customers provides the necessary tools and reports. It’s simple to get started with Shift4Shop. Find out more about how you can get the most value from this platform. Here are a few of the numerous advantages of using the platform for ticket sales.

The REST API used by the Shift4Shop platform allows developers to connect the platform with other software. For instance, the Shift4Shop application is able to integrate with other applications, like LiveAgent. Shift4Shop has pre-integrated apps that can improve the capabilities of your online store. It is easy to use and allows developers to build custom connections that can be used to add more features.

Help from experts is also offered for development and marketing assistance. Shift4Shop’s forums for community members provide regular assistance from the support team. For instance, videos will guide you on how to increase your search rankings and create additional income streams. If you need help building your store to your specifications, it is recommended to read the Shift4Shop template manual. The Shift4Shop platform also provides the developer portal, which includes documentation for the REST API, social media presence, and other useful information.

Although Shift4Shop is an eCommerce platform designed for small and large enterprises However, it comes with some limitations. The features it offers and SEO focus make it ideal for small – to medium-sized retailers but its shortcomings make it not suitable for large-scale businesses. It’s ideal for novices and those who want to get into the market quickly. What are the main aspects to consider while shopping online?